Evening flight in Trollheimen

The winter in Norway is looking at its end, and I have been trying to catch up on Speedraids on ski, before the snow disappear. There have not been much time to practice SpeedRaiding during the winter, but have got some few nice flights in Northern Norway, Sweeden + some very last flights back home in Trollheimen. Last flight through landscape I have very good memories from, and was a bit excited if I managed to get clear of the edge of “Storfjellet”. The only way to maybe reach Kaarvatn Gård. Was very happy to reach the Kaarvatn and got served coffee by Gudmund:-) To Kårvatn

Still have to become more comfortable with my new Mirage wing. It has surprised me a lot several times. Especially its ability to go fare…much further than I have expected. Also its sharp descending if you are not focused during turn´s, which is old news. Need a trip to the Alps and get quantity practice.  _MG_7318