The Polar kitchen

During several expeditions I have used a special cocking system, which I just call “Willy” It is named after the designer and developer of it, Willy Gautvik. Up through the years I have been lucky to experience different prototypes with good results, Mr. Gautvik has optimised it to be a very light and effective cocking system.

"The Willy"

“The Willy”

I do think it is the only one on the market. Well, several producers have made their own, but not as good as Willy’s. The best quality in it is the energy absorption capacity. Approximately 70% of the energy from the stove is used to melt the snow and heat the water. A normal cocking pot just absorbs approx. 40 %. This means if you use the “Willy” you spare quite a lot of fuel on you expedition. Weight is always a challenge, but it’s not just that. Time is also crucial, and with the high-energy absorption, time used for cocking or melting water is cut down dramatically. It has been specially designed for Polar expedition, but can easily be used on other expeditions as well which need to melt big amount of snow for water supply. It weights 810 gram, and the volume is about 3 litres. Sadly no production has been done for several years and impossible to get.