The Arctic Ocean sledge

The new design made the pulk to a “Polar Tank”

When David Hempleman-Adams and I failed on our North Geographical Pole expedition in 1997, I realized that a new type of sledge had to be designed and developed for the future Arctic Ocean unsupported crossing. Why? The sledge was the reason of our failure. Or to put it in a more correct way, we had not planned and tested the sledge well enough. Everyone knows that there are no shortcuts to any place worth going Spring 1998 I met Haavard Worren and Anders Ramstad who were students of ship-design. I gave them all the specifications and experiences from my two North Pole Expeditions. Also told them what to expect from the new “super-sledge”. For the Arctic Ocean Crossing it had to be as good in water as in snow and ice. After half a year they had finished the model and we went to Acapulka with Alex in head. We made prototypes and tested them in Northern Canada winter ’99. Did some big changes again, and we had the final product. A pioneer product. With it’s egg-shape principle + other new innovative design and material qualities, it made the sledge to a big successes for us during the crossing. Today we can see that others are copying our thoughts and design. This must mean that we did some good work! Only problem with our Arctic Ocean sledge is it’s size. It’s just too big for a “normal” North Pole expedition. We have to do something with that.