Back home from Madagascar

Back home

Family visit in the morning.

Family visit in the morning.

Well back in Norway after six fantastic weeks on Madagascar. The four weeks journey down the river has been even more exciting, more challenging and more beautiful than expected. It will take time to digest all the memories, and they will never be forgotten. One of the best memories is all the friendly and helpful people during the whole travel. Big smiles everywhere! The wildlife and scenery has been breathtaking. We have had really good and exciting white-water canoeing. Times to time impossible river, where we had to carry instead of paddle, but it was part of the expedition, expected, and we enjoyed it. Being first to paddle down Mananantanana was also a great feeling. Already missing the daily life and challenges on Mananantanana and Mangoky River. A big thank you to Bergans of Norway and MADAMAX expedition…and Guilles! Without you, we could not have experienced this.

If YOU would like to do something like an adventure on Madagascar I will warmly recomend to contact Guilles and his crew! MADAMAX Expedition

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