Madagascar medic

Medical training

Both of us have several medic courses, but it’s always important to do a brush up before each expedition.

Dr. Kjell teaching and brushing us up on medic.

Dr. Kjell teaching and brushing us up on medic.

We had one evening with Dr. Kjell, specialist in anesthetic and he will be the expedition doctor. All the medicine was gone through, and the most possible and common injuries and treats for this type of expedition. Madagascar has tropical climate, and one of the biggest treats is definitely tropical diseases, like malaria, dengue fever, bilharzias, typhoid fever etc. Scorpions and wasps can be annoying. The most important for us will be to take precautions. Cover up bare skin especially in the dusk and nighttime. Further, insect repellant and never drink water without using the water cleaning system.

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