New Polar sled for the long haul!

Have been working, together with Acapulka, with a new type of sledge for two years. Last winter we had the final product ready after some prototypes. It’s built on the well-tested and successful Arctic Ocean pulk frame. Why making a new sledge? Just because the Arctic Ocean sledge was made for the Arctic Ocean, rubble ice and water. The new one is specially designed for long journeys across big ice plateaus as Antarctica or Greenland. Because of its shape it’s much lighter than the AO sled, but has kept its strengths and capacity. This one is a perfect sledge for ski sailing as well with its stability and weight just 12 kg fully equipped. It will be a winner on future long-term Polar expeditions. The sled can be watched and bought from Acapulka.

The sled for the long journeys. Acapulka Antarctica.
The sled for the long journeys.  Supply or Die!