Fridtjof Nansen book

Rune was asked to write a children’s book about Fridtjof Nansen some time ago, by Kagge Publishing. Now the book is finished written, printed and out for sale.

nansenFor Rune it has been a challenging writing. Certainly everything had to be right on the spot. 70-80 other books is about him. It then also had to be adjust to a reader´s from age of 10 to 15 years old. However it has become a easy reading about Nansen´s incredible life, from a a childe to become a great Polar explorer, scientist, human rights fighter, ambassador, statesman, author. A real pioneer.Rune:”I have read and heard a lot before about Nansen, which has been amazing. This time I really had to go into his great historical life, and are speechless and thoughtful of what a man are able to do”.   The book is available only in Norwegian. It can be bought from Runes webshop.