“Operation Seagull” Memorial

February 6th 1943, 75 years ago the Norwegian Submarine HNoMS UREDD was on its way from Shetland to the area South of Bodø (Norway) with a crew of 35 + 6 S.O.E men and one S.I.S. That was Uredd´s first task on this multitask operation, where six Kompani Linge soldiers where supposed to infiltrate into Sulitjelma. Their…

Merry Christmas

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and an Exciting Happy Good New Year. Thanks to all who have been participating on projects or activities during 2017 and for all good help and support! Rune

Autumn Flight in Trollheimen

Had a perfect short Autumn day in Trollheimen speed flying from Storfjellet to Kaarvatn farm. Never started towards the west from this “peak” before but this was the day, and spotted several Dear Hunters and I scared about 75 Angus…but in the right direction 🙂

Memorial Flight “Operation Musketoon”

A memorial flight down the the last part of the infiltration route of “Operation Musketoon” in Glomfjord, 1942. 75 year after, 20th of September, one Canadian, nine British commandos from 2nd Commandos, and two Norwegian from Kompani Linge, very successfully, attacked the Power Station in Glomfjord Norway. The Aluminium production in Glomfjord never started again.…

Pk Solvågtind & Junkerdalen

In early August I spent three days in Junkerdalen and up in the hillside and summit of Solvågtind. Some really nice days and with a big hope to fly from the summit. That did not happened. Wind directions became wrong and the fog came and went in minutes. Last evening I felt there were a…