Film: Summer Fun

A summary of some few speed flights on Helgeland area and Troms county. Was wishing to do some more flights, but the weather conditions put it down. Anyhow, I had some good fun close to Svartisen, Sandhornøy and Salangen. Music from Clubroot – Left Hand Path.

Hattfjelldal “Express”

First week of August I had the pleasure to join a group of five men from Narvik, to do a 160 km long walk through Hattfjelldal. This valley or area,  is a very nice mountain area in Nordland county. Never been there before, and when they asked me earlier this year I could not say…


Midnight Sun Skydive Boogie

It has become a tradition to join the Midnight-Sun Skydive Boogie at Elvenes airport Northern Norway. And this was one of the goals driving North this summer. At least one week. Meeting good friends and happy skydivers. Most people are coming every year which makes it to a very nice event.

Spectacular view when approving the Dam.

Svartisen reconnaissance – Sandhornøy

Never been on Svartisen glacier, and still have not been there. I was supposed to do a training trip up there in August, with a British adventure man who is planning a polarexpedtion. So on my way up through Helgeland I did a reasearch for a route up on the Eastern side, and not the…

Flying down alongside Trollveggen is an nice experience

Skydive weekend on Bjorli

Decided to go for skydiving at Lesja Int airport last weekend. The weather was one reason. The people the other. A small team of about 10 – 14 skydivers where there during the weekend and they had 40 lifts in two days. Due to small airplane it became lots of low level jumps. Anyway, last…

Landing Zone at Buttermeer.

Speedflying in Lake District

Had some very good days in Lake District or more specific, Buttermeer. The Buttermeer Bash Festival was going on. Why go there? It happened on our way to the South Pole before Christmas last year, Ros, one of the participants, ask me to come and visit them in Lake District. A big Paraglider & Speedrider…