Greenland Nunataks first ascents.

This was the Nunataks we saw when walking Greenland lengthways in 1996

In July, a 23 years old dream came through. Climbing six of the Nunataks we saw when walking Greenland lengthways in 1996. And first assents of them all.  Fantastic weather, fantastic team and fantastic experience.

Arrived Narsarsuaq airfield on the 13th of July and flew out onto the icecap on 15th of July with four of us. The goal was first of all the most Northern Nunataks in South Greenland we saw on the G2 Expedition in 1996. Beforehand it was really difficult to find information about the Nunataks except from picture from 1996 with low resolution. And Google Earth did not really help too much on this research. However we took the chance to try. First chain of Nunataks had a range over 10 km with 10 summits. We did six of them in the team.

Used more time than expected in the beginning on climbing the mountains, but also more difficult than expected. More rock than ice and very loose rocks up in the mountainside. What surprised us most was the temperatures which came up in 24 degrees C during the days at 2300 meters. However it was freezing quickly in the evening and night.

Time on the ice was from 15th to 27th of July, making 8 summiting (not all of us) and a short ski trip of 55 kilometers. A fantastic trip fulfilling an old dream with lot of joy and fantastic scenery and stories 🙂

Evening mood and two last Nunataks on the trip.


2 thoughts on “Greenland Nunataks first ascents.

  1. This is a some what leading questione : Was it a noticeable difference when it comes to melted ice from this summer contra the 1996 tour , the one picture where you can see the ice is melting are going viral now

    • Has always been ice-melting during the summer on Greenland 🙂 1996 trip we finished 12th of June and close to 84 degrees North and some water on the fjord. But our glacier in the South has gone back 3 km since 1996.

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