1994 Greeland crossing – 20 years

27th of March 1994 Rune and Torry started out from Umanaq on the West coast towards Isertoq on the East coast. The hardest one, Rune says.

Break - and some food and water, ready for new hour.

Break – and some food and water, ready for new hour.

It was Runes first “real” expedition and was a really good lesson learn and preparation for the Greenland lengthways expedition, two years later. Without lengthways would have been impossible. They used 31 days on the 870 km long trek across. The whole expedition was private financed and done by them self. Certainly with good help from several good helpers throughout the planning. The expedition became the start of a long run of many, and different expedition for Rune. Most of them has been on ice. Greenland has been visited several times, and Rune has 240 days on expedition there.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and maybe it did not start on Greenland. Rune`s thought is that it started long time before, age of 15-16, and through lots of small “expedition`s” back home in Norway. The small steps up, learning by doing, walking the walk, fun and joy towards the bigger goal. That is the expedition, and often easy to forget. When an expedition is finished there is noting left…than memories and experiences. When out there or working towards it, you are here and now, experiencing life and exploring.