Greenland Nunataks ´20


Covid-19 made the Greenland Nunatak expedition very exciting this year. We had planned to do the trip in July, but with all the red-zones throughout Europe we were postponing, and hoping we may could do it in August. And, all involved was Green in August periode, with a negativ Covid test. And we just got a very nice experience with big contrast. So blessed!

We left Copenhagen on the 12th of August and straight to Narsarsuaq. Day after we were flown in by helicopter to the starting point. Not very environmental, but the glacier up from Narsarsuaq is impossible to do! Was a short window for the flight, and day two the wind picked up. And it picked up. Night to day three I was out checking the tent 0100 AM and just checked the windspeed…and it was gusting 30 m/s or 60 knots. Was up checking the tent again 0430 AM and a tentpole just broke. I silently asked David about help, and took some time but David and me repaired it perfectly and in silence. Well, it was not silence out there. The Storm was roaring!

The Storm lasted for two days, and finally we could prepare for a new area on this Nunatak group. And when coming up we could tick off four Nunataqs. Some crevasses on the way up and on top. Moving very carefully we obtain more than we were hoping for! Melting water was all over the place when coming down form the mountains. And we had to move the campe just to get read of all water.

Next few days we we’re summiting four more Nunataka´s which was untouched. Area is unbelievable and very hard to jugde concerning dimensions and changes every 15 minutes. We did eight Nunataks on our way. Not the most spectacular, however no one has been there 🙂


And again very humble and grateful we made it. Thanks to Graham, Susan, Ros and David! What a trip 🙂 Hopefully we do an other one next year on different summits!

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