20 years – Arctic Ocean 2000

This season it is 20 years anniversary of the first and only unsupported crossing of the Arctic Ocean, from Russia to Canada. 1500 local time, 16th of February 2000 Torry Larsen and Rune Gjeldnes started off from Cape Arctichesky, Siberia. What they did not know but hoping for; they had begun on the first and only successful crossing of the Arctic Ocean. Today the global warming has made this “impossible”?  18 expeditions have attempted in total. At the starting point they had 400 kg of supplies divided into four sleds. When they reached the Geographical North Pole after 1000 km they were half way there. After 109 days they landed on Cape Discovery in Northern Canada with no food left, no water left (half a litere), totally exhausted and weighing 53,2 kilos less than when they started out.

Four years of preparations, planning and training had been done. Rune togheter with David Hempleman-Adams had been twice up from Canadian side to reach the North Pole in 1997 and 1998, and succeeded in 1998. Total expedition days was 110 days, which was crucial for the preparation and the final success of the crossing. Story will be followed up during the season.

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