North Pole arrival – 20 years

After 74 days we finally arrived the Geographical North Pole unsupported and with the goal to reach Canada unsupported as well. None had reached the North Pole with that ambition, unsupported. We had a big celebration on the 30th of April and rest day. Everything has been going as planed.

Last 4 days up to the North Pole.

However we had a big problem! 5 liters of fuel had leaked and food was poisoned early in the expedition. Some of it was thrown away, and some we brought with us. We have lost control of how much food we had left. At the North Pole we figured out we just had food for 30 more days on the ice. And at this stage we started to feel starvations even when eating 6000 kcal per day. But the North Pole is always good!!!


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