Birthdayparty on the Arctic Ocean

11th of April 2000. Rune: happy Birthday, Torry. 29 years. You’re finally becoming a grown-up. This is actually the third time we’re celebrating your birthday on thee ice. I feel bad about not having brought him something special, but I did make an effort. Saved up some goodies. 25 Davidoff cigars, two bars of New Energy chocolate added to todays´s chocolate ration. Just a little something, not a lot.

Happy Birthday Torry – New Energy bars

Torry has finally awoken and we have celebrated both our birthdays. Wating until 20 May, which is mine, would have been silly. Well bee on shore by then! And Torry had made preparations, too! 200 cigarets and a book of poems: “Words about silence”. Great gift. Where else in the world should you ben when reading others peoples thoughts about silence, than up here?We´re living in silence. At times its so quiet, it really gets to you.

(Sorry for only Norwegian on the film clip but that was part of the celebration)

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