Winter in Hell

The winter in Hell has been on and off each second day. For the first time I could paddle the side river of Stjørdals River called Leksa river wintertime. After several days with storms on the coastline we got a storm flood. And I could tick off a record going up into this river. Have been living in Hell for 13 years and in January you do nothing on the river with a kayak. This winter it has been ice, but all is gone for weeks.  It is soon late January and should be thick ice!  However I had a great trip up the Stjørdal river and into Leksa river and record distance up, but very creepy with this heat and changing weather!

2 thoughts on “Winter in Hell

  1. Hi Rune form Fogo Island Newfoundland….. Even the folks that have been on the Island all their life had never experienced a Winter storm like the one that just blew through here in the past few days…. 24 hours with wind up to 140 Kph… from the North…. ambient Temps around Minus 8…but wind chill at Minus 40…. and the power out…. Thank goodness we have a Great Deville oilstove for heat…. ..I took a trip around the island this morning and am saddened to see that tha storm took several hundred year old stages out to sea… I wonder where all tha vinyl siding has gone… ( on Many houses )… do thay collect in the Saggasso Sea ? Greetings

    • It sounds much more worse than in coastal area in Norway and my Hell. However, New Foundlands is known for heavy weather! But you say people living there all their life experiencing that winter storm tells something. Climate change deniers…:-(

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