September Month

The first month of the Fall is over, and it has been a good month. The colors came. The birds is eager to leave Norway. The Nature is getting more and more quite.


Pink footed Goos in Hell

Getting ready for the Winter and the resting. Soon the landscape will leave all the colors.

Trollheimen on top

The mountains will be dressed in White. The low land may stay grey for a while. But we are moving into the time of silence up in the North. The sun is going lower and lower.2016-09-16-18-49-44 The days is getting shorter and shorter. However we are just introducing October month and the Autumn is one of the four best seasons of the year. Norway is lucky with the big contrasts through the year, without the big disasters, like hurricanes, big flods, monsoons out of control or over heating dry out periods. I´m very pleased with that we are so lucky!