Christmas Tradition on NRK

Nice experience to observe that Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) have made the series “In Jan Baalsrud´s Footsteps” into a Christmas and New Year tradition. Six year on the row.

The long swim on Rebbenesøy, in freezing cold water.

It shows the interest of an amazing history and the core values: “The will to survive” and “The will to Help”.  Jan Baalsrud had a miraculous will to survive. But, he would never survived with out all the people who were helping him on his escape to Sweden and safety.


It was a fantastic experience for us, Ronny and me, to do a deep dive into The Operation Martin history, tragedy and the famous escape. We could never done what Baalsrud did, but our big goal was to put light on the escape and the people who helped him as accurate as possible, without to much drama. Do the swimming, but within military rules in peacetime. Try to find and follow the exact route as possible at the same time of year. Using the same uniform as Baalsrud had to Furuflaten. And best of all; Meet firsthand eyewitnesses, who could tell heartily stories. Grateful too all who helped us! Have also built up a lecture about Operation Martin and our experiences.

In Jan Baalsruds Footstep, southern area on Ringvassøy.

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