Senja Sea Air Land


Gryllefjord – Photo: Merete Wiken Dees

It was time to visit Senja island again. Years since I have been there, and so many places was unexplored, and still is, for me. The aim and wish was to be moving on both sea, on land and in the air too.Strandtopp

Loaded up with two Ally canoes, ski´s, speed raider, camp gear, camera´s, good food and everything needed for 12 days camping and fun in the fjords and the mountains, we arrived on the north western side of Senja. One of the exciting projects on this trip, was to test the Ally canoe with electrical outborder and outrigger, which can be nice in rough sea. Senja Ally Mountain-skiing and speed raiding was on the list and got it, but should wish we had the chance to do more, but due to weather conditions some had to be cancelled. There are mountains and possibilities for everyone, from easy to extreme. The extreme is not for me, thats why I bring the SpeedRaider.


Senja Island – Photo: Merete Wiken Dees

Senja is the second biggest island in Norway, and has become more and more popular area for tourists, like me, because of it´s extreme and beautiful nature. April can still give rough weather up there, and we certainly got some, which put some limitations on the activity.

Especially the wind conditions with gail in the mountains, which also dropped into the fjords. However that is the way it is, and we got an fantastic experience which hopefully will be repeated, AND very recommended both wintertime and summertime.

We operated mainly in the area between Torsken in South West to Senjahopen in North. 14 days is fare from enough. On the way South, just had to take a stop in Tjeldsund and test Strandtind. Very lucky with weather and snow conditions, and just reached the ferry.

So what about the Ally canoe and the out border? We did not go out in rough sea this time. Conclusion: it definitely helps the stability both in direction and sideways. Gives the extra push for some hours. Do think a normal out border 1-2,5 hk would have been better, however much more noisy! Have to test more 🙂

And we got done lots of photographing. Senna Island is an eldorado for that. Also trying to do our best with photo shooting for Bergans 🙂_mg_8023