November and Winter is coming.

November and last part of October gave some good weather and mountaintrips. Few flight down, but some and lots of photographing. Should wish I had more time to be out, but that’s it 🙂 Have been much in Trollheimen area training during November and lots of good experiences and memories! #speedfly#teamwendy#stjørdalfoto#Trollheimen#swing mirage#surnadal#runegjeldnes#nature

Favorite mountain!

Had a lucky flight just before the snow finally covered the mountains in Trollheimen. The home. On take-off left wingtip had a hit in a rock, which was really recognized. When landing I recognized I had a 10 cm hole in the left outer celle on the wing. Not so pleasant afterwards, but the wing…

Local Summer Flight

The summer has been busy and weather not so good for flying when at home. But had a nice flight back home at the farm early July. Waiting for an hour to clear and got the flight with good lift:-)

Just a perfect day

Have had many mountain trips this Autumn. Always hoping for a flight as well. However it has been few of them, because of strong wind in the mountains in September and October. Then it is extra nice when everything is perfect. Walk on the first snow in Trollheimen. Some wildlife. Beautiful view. Just a perfect…

Autumn Flight in Trollheimen

Had a perfect short Autumn day in Trollheimen speed flying from Storfjellet to Kaarvatn farm. Never started towards the west from this “peak” before but this was the day, and spotted several Dear Hunters and I scared about 75 Angus…but in the right direction 🙂

Hitting Hard – Trollheimen

The plan was good, and the weather forecast was with me. To try a flight from a very special peak for me. Neådalssnota in Trollheimen. Hoping to fly all the way from the summit to Kaarvatn. It was a nine kilometers flight, on South Easterly wind, my novice head told me that could be good.…

Evening flight in Trollheimen

The winter in Norway is looking at its end, and I have been trying to catch up on Speedraids on ski, before the snow disappear. There have not been much time to practice SpeedRaiding during the winter, but have got some few nice flights in Northern Norway, Sweeden + some very last flights back home in…