Local Summer Flight

The summer has been busy and weather not so good for flying when at home. But had a nice flight back home at the farm early July. Waiting for an hour to clear and got the flight with good lift:-)

Last flight in Trollheimen 2018

Got many nice mountain trips in the “home” mountains in October and November. But often it was too windy or “bad” wind in the hight so I had to walk down as everyone else. However I had luck on some trips and had some amazing flights without turbulence. The heading says it was the last…

October is gone!

Has been a good October month even a lot of bad weather. Have had visitors from England and I have been out kayaking or canoeing with my Ally. Or up in the mountains. It has been lots of snow, and it has been lots of rain and windy. However have got some very good moments…

Season First Skitrip

Had my first ski trip this season 7th of October. Local mountain on the Swedish side in, Storulvfjellene. Put on the skies out side the car and started the trip up onto Geitryggen. Perfect conditions all the way up and nice perfect wind from South West 5 m/s. Got a perfect flight down again.

Just a perfect day

Have had many mountain trips this Autumn. Always hoping for a flight as well. However it has been few of them, because of strong wind in the mountains in September and October. Then it is extra nice when everything is perfect. Walk on the first snow in Trollheimen. Some wildlife. Beautiful view. Just a perfect…