Summer memories

Skjermbilde 2015-08-12 kl. 09.50.34


The summer became quite active with five weeks in Northern Norway. Everything from canoeing, Speedflying, bathing, climbing, mountains, skydiving and meeting lots of good friends and fellows. We had a plan to “explore” more of the Helgeland coastline and take it from there.

Helgeland camp

Helgeland camp

We had some dream days on Dønna Island with canoing, hiking, photographing and speed riding.  The top of Dønnamann which is the highest mountain on the island was a certain goal. An 2,5 hour trek up to the summit. Speedflying down again in 5 minutes gave me the chance to walk up again and do an other flight. Dønnakoll_MG_4990Rødøy island and canoing there, was on the bucket list, but the weather was the same in this area as Donna Island. So, next year its time to go there again. Hopefully warmer than this summer. IMG_7094 SRkrasjlandThird on the list was Svartisen Glacier and the area around. The weather forecast was not promising at all, and the cloud was hanging down to sea level, and visibility down to 50 meters.


Lofoten in joyful weather. Photo: Merete Wiken Dees

Lofoten got a visit. A place for everything. Never get enough of this pearl. First time there was in 1993, and been there almost every year since then.


    Reine area at sea.

Vesterålen got a visit, and this is a part of Norway which has to be more explored for everyone. So many possibilities, but in the shadow of Lofoten which is very strange. I give a big recommendation for going to Vesterålen.  We where on hunt for good photos, and the weather pushed us up to Andøy island. And what we found was perfect. Its a windy place, but very beautiful with all opportunities.

On Andøya a very nice evening.

Andøya, on an very nice evening, 

Andøya island was the next on the program. The western coast was my first time. Lots of things to do outdoor, like birdwathcing at Bleik, trekking in the mountain + flying for me. Its well know that there is good surfe on the westside of the island, but we did not do that, however we tried the canoe with the el-engine. Smooth close to the shore but 100 metres out, the wawes suddenly became quite big and we bonded the optimistic voyage. Safety first.

Midnight flight on Andoya Island.

Midnight flight on Andoya Island.

Got two really nice flights south of Bleik. The plan was to do one Midnight flight, but it became two. I lost one of the GoPro cameras at the exit point, and did go up again and found it. A new good flight. The weather hit Andoya as well, and we escaped to the several nice Cafe´s in “Downtown” Andenes in hope it would clear, which did not happen.

Elvenes boogie

Elvenes boogie – friends – fun and joy and speed. 

It was time to go for the skydive boogie at Elvenes in Slangen. Lots of friends was there and it was time to do some skydiving, if the weather let us. Got several good days there and got a bunch of jumps, and did some Speedriding in-between.