Mountain Filmfestival

The Norwegian Mountain Filmfestival was held at Gjendesheim for the third year. About 1000 people met for outdoor activity from river kayaking, climbing, hiking and for watching the last in mountain film and lectures.

Gjendesheim - The Festival Spot

Gjendesheim – The Festival Spot

I had been asked to do a lecture on behalf of Bergans, which has been, and is one of the main festival sponsors. The weather was not the best, but I got two small trips to a mountain nearby Gjendesheim, and got two fresh flights down in quite strong wind. Skjermbilde 2015-09-19 kl. 09.24.08

Festival means you meet lots of known people and get the last updates which is very nice. However, never chance to talk to everyone and there is always people you should wish to talk to or talk more. Stein P Aasheim was also there, having a lecture, but we did not manage to do more than taking a picture of us together with David Durkan. When we summarized our age and divided it with three, it appeared that we ended up with an mental age of 20 1/2 year. So we were youngsters at the festival 🙂 It has always been something special with the adventure-man Stein P, and most important for me, one of few persons who have been a beacon and inspiration to what I choose to aim for. Thanks Stein P!