North Pole 2018

The North Pole season is going to its end. I had the pleasure to show the way “The Last Degree” for five British friends. It was a very good year for us to walk the last 111 km to the North Pole. Good ice conditions with some open water, but good weather. Temperatur varying from -30 C to -10 C. Was set of by helicopter late evening 14th and started off the morning 15th of April. Well we started walking back one a half nautical mile to 88° 59´58” to be at the right position.

Most spectacular on this years trip, was seeing lots of big icebergs. We visited two of them. I have never seen icebergs up there except one very close to the Canadian coast in 2011.

Happy team getting close to the North Pole

We had a steady drift towards the Pole this year which helped on our distances up to more than 12 Nautical Miles in one day. Reaching the North Pole 89°59´59″ N 1630 European time the 20th of April. Barneo Ice-drift base was put up in record time, 10 days delayed. So impressed what VICAARD organization and their crew did in very short time, and a big thank you to them! Our home on the trip was the Bergans Wiglo which we just called the “Pleasure Dome”. No frostbites or acidenes and everyone happy 🙂 Thank you to a excellent team who did more than expected!