In late July I joined a team of five men in Narvik and we embarked the train towards, and into, Sweden. Bjørnar, Andreas, Arild, Mikkel, Andreas and I was ready. The Sarek Nationalpark was waiting for us. A 170 km long trekking through some of the most breathtaking scenery in Scandinavia.

We started from a village called Kvikkjokk and headed for the Rappadal 40 km ahead. It took us two days into the Rappadal, were we got a shipping by a local boat up the river for some kilometers. Rappadalen is well known as a wonderful valley, but also a demanding place to be trekking. Especially early in the season with lots of small rivers to cross, but powerful enough.

The bush is sometimes very intense, and the track through the valley is not always easy to follow. But we had the best luck with the weather and was happy. The mosquitos was even more happy to meet us. This place is one of several mosquito “heavens” in the world. Yes it was quite a lot of them.

Took us three and half day to walk all the way up to the source of the Rappa River, and should wish to have had more time in the valley. From here we headed for Akkajaure, a big lake, North of Sarek National Park. From there we set course westwards to Norway and the Hellemobotn. Hellemobotn is a hidden pearl and perfect to reach after 9 days trek. Wonderful trip with a wonderful team of positive people.