Late May I had a good visit in Northern Norway, and more specific Troms county on several jobs. Had some time off for two or three days and decided to go for Tamok Valley again, for skiing and flying. It was really Springtime down in the valley, and kind of soon end of winter on the summits. However, it took me just 10 minutes walk from the road, before I could take on my skis. Had three nights in Tamok Valley and two very nice skiing trips up on “Blueberry Peak” in 15 – 20 degrees Celsius. But flying from the summit became a security issue for me, because of very uncertain wind and thermic. In a weak point I decided to go further down to fly, which I think was clever later on. The visit will be a very nice memory for the rest of my life. The contrast from bottom to the summit was extreme, but you could even walk around naked on the summit with all the snow around.