Tamokdalen skiing and flying

It has been a long time since I have been to the Tamokdalen / Tamokvalley. And finally I had the chance to go there again. The weather was promising and spoke to the “King og Tamokdalen”, Aadne Olsrud. He was optimistic, as always, and said I should come. So I did. Had a very nice evening, and night out in my Bergans tent and lucky enough, the Northern Light was out for a visit for some few minutes.

Morning coffee with Aadne´s family before we started up towards the Blåbærfjellet – Blueberry Hill, in very good conditions. But the weather turned and a front of snow came and we turned our eyes down towards the valley again. The others on ski and snowboards and I was lucky enough to get a take off and flew down, as I wished. Sunny on our way up – low contrast on our way down. Everyone agreed that it had been a very nice day! Thank you very much for this time.

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