Svartisen reconnaissance – Sandhornøy

Never been on Svartisen glacier, and still have not been there. I was supposed to do a training trip up there in August, with a British adventure man who is planning a polarexpedtion. So on my way up through Helgeland I did a reasearch for a route up on the Eastern side, and not the normal way up on the West.

My goal was to see if it was possible to access the glacier from Store Glomvann. Which I found! Had a perfect day up in the mountain, and brought my SpeedWing to help me down again. A spectacular flight down again above the Dam.

Rune Gjeldnes

From exit point on top of Sandhornøy. Rune Gjeldnes

Same evening I was back on Sandhornøy just South of Bodo. The whole island is a kind of Paradise. Nice mountains, lots of big beaches and a peaceful place.  I had a dream about flying a line down from a mountain there. But when coming up, there was no wind to do that line, so ended up flying on the western side of the island in a beautiful sunset. I had the whole place for my self. So much more relaxed than Lofoten. I do enjoy that.

Evening mood at Sandhornøy, after a beautiful evening flight.

Evening mood at Sandhornøy, after a beautiful evening flight.