Summer 18

It has been a special summer in Norway, with lots of weather records. Mostly high temperatures. Have enjoyed it, but it has almost been too warm in the mountains. So activity has been from Middel Norway to Northern Norway. B

Speedflying Helgeland

On my way down from Northern Norway in August I could not resist to visit Sandhorn Island, just South of Bodø city, again. I had attempted a flying line out there for three years and this summer I was lucky enough to get two flights down this canyon. A good pump up, and a good…

Film: Summer Fun

A summary of some few speed flights on Helgeland area and Troms county. Was wishing to do some more flights, but the weather conditions put it down. Anyhow, I had some good fun close to Svartisen, Sandhornøy and Salangen. Music from Clubroot – Left Hand Path.

Svartisen reconnaissance – Sandhornøy

Never been on Svartisen glacier, and still have not been there. I was supposed to do a training trip up there in August, with a British adventure man who is planning a polarexpedtion. So on my way up through Helgeland I did a reasearch for a route up on the Eastern side, and not the…