A special day in Trollheimen

It should appear to be the best day for ski and air activity in Trollheimen this winter. Had been dreaming about flying from a special mountain since last year. Snofjellet or Snowmountain. That peak is the one I have been most on in my youth.  Had already tried it this winter, without luck. Again the weather forecast was good, and early morning I was on my way up. An southern route was chosen this time compare to the earlier. 2016-04-10 13.17.51

On my way up I could observere avalanches every 10 minutes on the Eastside wall. Not big but big enough. When coming up to Bjorosskardet I climbed up towards the southern ridge, and where heading for the southern “wall” to get exit to the summit. There it stopped.  Big and steep snow fields, told me not to go there, and decided to turn. Well I just stopped and turned around. Took out my wing and flew down to Bjorosskardet again and continued up on the neighbor mountain called Skjerdingfjellet/Skjerdingmountain. Summit close to 1500 meters. With stunning weather and almost no wind I could push, and enjoy the beauty of my “home mountain” Trollheimen.2016-04-10 15.15.09