Flying and climbing Lofoten

(Clips from some of my first foot launches in Lofoten and back home Surnadal. )

Last week in June I had a good week with climbing and SpeedFlying in Lofoten. More specific Solvaer – Leknes area. It became more flying than climbing. Just learned and experienced how to footlaunch the wing, and Lofoten area is perfect area for this. There are spot everywhere but main launch site became Glomtind. Glomtindklatring Once again most of the climbing happened in Kalle area and Henningsvaer area. Good friends, good fun and good dids. Had lots of plans of doing more when being there, however the weather did not live up to the promised and several trips had to be cancelled. So next time 🙂 Skjermbilde 2015-06-29 kl. 18.28.52Skjermbilde 2015-06-23 kl. 23.42.13IMG_1845