“Polar inovation” -hit or just good old style?

It has been some focus on an innovational polar skirt in the polar society, which has become a so-called hit among the polar team. It is called innovation which is quite funny. Because, this important detail on polar clothing, has been there since Amundsen and his team were at the South Pole…more than 100 years ago. And Amundsen got it from the inuits.

"Long Jacket Club" at South Pole in 1911.
“Long Jacket Club” at South Pole in 1911.

This has also been a normal on Norwegian Mountain Jackets/Anorak up through the years, until the “Gore Tex jackets” came in short style, made for climbing or downhill skiing. Since then it has been harder and harder to get long anoraks. Several Norwegian polar team were using long “skirt” jacket in the 80´s-90´s. Rune has designed and developed his polar long-jackets with Bergans of Norway to all his polar trips. Several others has done the same. In that way, it is funny but nice that the polar society have used more than 100 years to learn from Amundsen 🙂 Good old-new style.

Long Jacket Club anno 2006
Long Jacket Club anno 2006