Memorial Flight “Operation Musketoon”

A memorial flight down the the last part of the infiltration route of “Operation Musketoon” in Glomfjord, 1942. 75 year after, 20th of September, one Canadian, nine British commandos from 2nd Commandos, and two Norwegian from Kompani Linge, very successfully, attacked the Power Station in Glomfjord Norway. The Aluminium production in Glomfjord never started again. The escape became a tragedy for eight of the men and four escaped to Sweden. Four of them managed to escape to Sweden by help from locals, and with an endurance which was incredible. For me this was a memorial flight who I have been thinking of since we first were in Glomfjord in May this year on survey for the film project “Operation Muskedunder”.

Thanks to the music Disturbed – Moment of Silence.