“Operation Musketoon” Kick off

Finally we have stared with the film documentary about the “Operation Musketoon” from WW2. Mid May, Tom Edvindsen, Ronny Bratli, Thomas Adam and I were up in Glomfjord and the surrounding area, to do surveys, and some filming. The whole production and the long walk to Sweden will be done in September. The project is in a co-operation between Norwegian Armed Forces and Norwegian Broadcasting.


In front of the Memorial statue of “Operation Musketoon” and those soldiers who where executed.

Operation Musketoon was the codeword for an Anglo-Norwegian raid in the WW2. The operation was mounted against the German-held Glomfjord power plant on Helgeland in Northern Norway between 11–21 September 1942. (Ref Wikipedia) If successful, they would stop the German aluminium production in Glomfjord, which was very important in aircraft production.

The french submarine who brought the commando groupe to Norway.

The raiding party consisted of two officers and eight men from No.2 Commando, and two men of the Company Linge, who were part of the Special Operation Executive.  Crossing the North Sea by the French submarine JUNON, on arrival in Norway they successfully attacked and sufficiently damaged the plant; it remained inoperative for the remainder of the war. But the escape became a disaster for eight of the men, who was caught by the german soldiers short time after the blast. They where sent to Saxcenhausen in Germany and shot dead. Four of the groups manage to escape across the mountains into Sweden and from there back to England.

The film project is planned to be a documentary of at least two hours program on Norwegian Broadcasting, where we will follow the route from where they where sat of by the submarin in Bjærangsfjorden. Following the route across the mountains to Glomfjord which they used five days on. From there Ronny and I will follow the route to Sverre Granlund from Company Linge, 250 km into Sweden. Our aim is to put light on an almost forgotten successful, but very complex, dangerous and difficult special operation from the Second World War.

Turbine / Generator similar to the one which where sabotage.