Hattfjelldal “Express”

First week of August I had the pleasure to join a group of five men from Narvik, to do a 160 km long walk through Hattfjelldal. This valley or area,  is a very nice mountain area in Nordland county. Never been there before, and when they asked me earlier this year I could not say no. I also wanted to explore this area.

We started at the border of Boergefjell National Park, South of Hattfjelldal, and ended up at Umbukta, close to the Swedish border, just east of Mo i Rana city. We had an ambitious goal to also ascent the highest mountain in Northern Norway, “Oksskolten / The Bulls Skull” 1916 meters. But, this we had to cancel due to limited time and a bit surprised of 20 kg backpacks and changing terrain.

The trek was planned from both side. Both them and me. We wanted to travel light and fast. Still, food and equipment for six days trip ended up with 20 kg…and some of us wanted to bring some fishing equipment as well. To be honest, our camping spots was not for fishing. It is very good fishing possibilities in this area, but when we planned the trip, we never camped or had time to stop for fishing. We had all kind of weather, from thunderstorm to sunny hot days.

The route through Hattfjelldal is wet experience, but the landscape some places breathtaking. And we could observe quite a lot of reindeer and a very good birdlife. In total it was a very nice trip, mainly because of a strong and easy going group and very nice area of Norway.

Thanks to Bjørnar Mikkelborg who invented the trip, and the team. Also a big thank you to Thor-Inge Kristensen who gave us very good hospitality at Umbukta Fjellstue. He is also the man who has walked Norway lengthways fastest both summer and winter:-)  About Umbukta Fjellstue