Stetind Challenge Preparation

Since the 2nd of October Rune and good helpers have been around Peak Stetind preparing and waiting for the right weather window. If any attempt on a skydive onto the peak, the conditions had to be perfect to minimize the risk.  After several weeks with unstable weather Rune decided to move north to Tysfjord area, and wait and prepare. Base Camp had to be carried up, and it is always nice to feel the mountain before you go for it. IMG_2338It has been year since Rune’s last time up there, so it was a brush up. September and October is a very beautiful time with all the colors and it may be some snow on the mountains. -And it was. By the end of September it has snowed quite a lot, but mild weather had taken most of it. The first weekend of October was a windy weekend as the forecast had said. However a group of six people was heading up, with a kind of hope for the summit. The night was heavy gusting windy and the day was windy. Stetindforbered

The first summit “Fortoppen” (“the Prepeak”) was reached in beautiful, but windy, conditions. Due to the weather conditions and snow on the ridge, it was decided to call it a day. Everyone got a nice windy weekend in the mountains and were happy. Rune carried on for two more days, and got established the Bace Camp at 800 meters. The Met, Johan Norman, had some hopes and good news about the coming weekend, and it was time to make things ready for a ground team.IMG_2504