Fantastic skiing on Svalbard in May


Von Post and Tuna glacier area.

Early May Rune was invited to Svalbard for skiing. Martin and Frede had prepared their own scooters, sleds and geared up for some joyful days north of the Tempel Fjord area.

Methuen gl.

The main goal was to have nice social event both on ski and camp, with focus on downhill skiing. The winter had given little ice on the fjords, so they took the safe route from the east down Von Postbreen, and crossed the Tempel Fjord at the bottom. Basecamp was built on the top of the Methuenglacier.

The Sun comes through

The Sun comes through


Weather was changing quickly. White-out conditions postponed the skiing the first day, but from then they had really good skiing conditions, and Rune got some good SpeedRaid from some of the summits around. No polarbear´s around, but lots of seal´s on the fjord ice to watch. A perfect long weekend, which has to be repeated.

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