The Alps with David

David on way up Mt.Blance
David on way up Mt.Blance


We made a nice trip to Mt. Blanc in a team of five. David asked me to join long time ago, but did not decide to go before the day before. Went up to Cosmic Hut (Aquell Du Midi) on Saturday afternoon and started off from the hut at 2 am. Used quite a long time up and did not reach the summit before 2 pm. Back to the Cosmic Hut at 9.30 pm. Well, went empty of cigarets but it was a wonderful trip and very lucky with the weather. The snow and ice has changed quite a lot since last time. More crevasses and blue ice.

Courmayeur trekking: Summiting Mt. Blanc third time I was ready to go back to Norway, but David convinced me to join him to go to Courmayeur. I could not say no and we had two very nice days up on the backside of Mt. Blanc. No big climbing, but very nice terrain and scenery. Courmayeur is a place to return to, and next time we have to be more prepared for climbing. It is a paradise.

2012-08-21 08.51.03

Mountains North of Courmayeur.