Climbing Lofoten

End of June and I had one week in Lofoten emphasized on climbing. Svolvær and the area around is known for it´s nice mountains and perfect rock. Some good friends was there too, and with perfect weather it became a perfect week on the rocks. Nice climbing during the day and good talking late evening. 

Landing Zone from above. Bjørnar on the last turn´s

Air Circus training

Mid August it was time for some air movements and “sircus”down at Østre Æra airfield. Knew some friends were there and had fun, and wanted the same. Blue skies and people in good mood and lots of happy jumping and good training for more. Last chance for me on Østre Æra this year, but there…


Svalbard Mountain Ski Festival

Last weekend in May it was time for the third Svalbard Mountain Ski Festival. About 100 happy and eager skiers arrived Longyearbyen for a long weekend out in the field. Trygghamna (Safehaven) was chosen as Base Camp, where you have several guided options for summiting and good downhill skiing. Just to mention, the Protektor-mountain, Daudemanen,…


Testing SpeedFly Trollheimen

Finally I could do it. When I was a child we were hiking onto these mountains, and talking about it: “What if…what if we just could have been flying out of there?” Now it is possible, and a thrill to do it. Took some years to get there. This technique is definitely something to bring out on…


Struves Geodetic Arc visit

Earlier this winter I had the pleasure to visit a navigational “monument” part of the Struves Arc. To be honest I had not heard about it before this winter, and when I had the chance, being in Finnmark, I had to go there. It was special place to come to  the little mountain named Luvddiidčohkka.…

Break - and some food and water, ready for new hour.

1994 Greeland – 20 years

27th of March 1994 Rune and Torry started out from Umanaq on the West coast towards Isertoq on the East coast. The hardest one, Rune says. It was Runes first “real” expedition and was a really good lesson learn and preparation for the Greenland lengthways expedition, two years later. Without lengthways would have been impossible. They…

Northern Light in Troms

Aurora Borealis

This winter I have had the pleasure to work up in Northern Norway for weeks. During this period there has been several solar storms and also been lucky enough to have had bright weather. Some nights has taken my breath away, because of very strong Northern lights. It is not new to me at all,…