"Long Jacket Club" at South Pole in 1911.

“Polar inovation” -hit or just good old style?

It has been some focus on an innovational polar skirt in the polar society, which has become a so-called hit among the polar team. It is called innovation which is quite funny. Because, this important detail on polar clothing, has been there since Amundsen and his team were at the South Pole…more than 100 years ago.…

2012-08-21 11.38.12

Mountain Medical Course Weekend

13th – 15th of November Norwegian Mountain Medical Company (NFS) invited to the yearly weekend seminar in mountain medicine at Radisson Blu Resort Trysil. 120 persons participated. This is a course for those who want more knowledge in mountain medicine. The course is primarily suitable for those who have reason skills of first aid, and is…


Christmas gifts, BOOKS

Expedition books and DVD is available. If you do not have some of Rune´s expedition books or you know someone who may wish it for Christmas. May be you know someone who is dreaming about going on similar expeditions as Rune? The books gives most of Rune´s experiences, which can be useful for an coming…


Stetind Challenge Preparation

Since the 2nd of October Rune and good helpers have been around Peak Stetind preparing and waiting for the right weather window. If any attempt on a skydive onto the peak, the conditions had to be perfect to minimize the risk.  After several weeks with unstable weather Rune decided to move north to Tysfjord area,…

Landing Zone from above. Bjørnar on the last turn´s

Air Circus training

Mid August it was time for some air movements and “sircus”down at Østre Æra airfield. Knew some friends were there and had fun, and wanted the same. Blue skies and people in good mood and lots of happy jumping and good training for more. Last chance for me on Østre Æra this year, but there…

Skjermbilde 2014-08-10 kl. 11.02.26

Skydive Northern Norway

Rune participated on Skydive Elvenes ´14 in July, which is a yearly boogie. Skydivers from all over Norway comes to the old airfield in Salangen where IT happens during two weeks. A Porter Pilatus + two Cessna do the job to get the jumpers up to the right altitude. Rune was there just for some…


Climbing Lofoten

End of June and I had one week in Lofoten emphasized on climbing. Svolvær and the area around is known for it´s nice mountains and perfect rock. Some good friends was there too, and with perfect weather it became a perfect week on the rocks. Nice climbing during the day and good talking late evening.