Perfect day in Trollheimen

In this Corona time, I have put my self on the ground. No-fly at the moment. So was looking into my archive for something unseen. And found one of nicest day in my home mountains. Just two people in the mountain that morning, and weak wind and perfect flying conditions. An memorable day!

November and Winter is coming.

November and last part of October gave some good weather and mountaintrips. Few flight down, but some and lots of photographing. Should wish I had more time to be out, but that’s it 🙂 Have been much in Trollheimen area training during November and lots of good experiences and memories! #speedfly#teamwendy#stjørdalfoto#Trollheimen#swing mirage#surnadal#runegjeldnes#nature


Had the pleasure to start the ski season last weekend. Found snow in Storulvan mountains on the Swedish side. Skied all the way up to the summit of Geitryggen. However, very little snow and hard to find landing spots. Lucky with the wind direction from North West 7-8 m/s. Only direction on the mountain for…

Favorite mountain!

Had a lucky flight just before the snow finally covered the mountains in Trollheimen. The home. On take-off left wingtip had a hit in a rock, which was really recognized. When landing I recognized I had a 10 cm hole in the left outer celle on the wing. Not so pleasant afterwards, but the wing…

Merry Christmas

December has been good in Hell finally. And, my “Christmas Clip” will be a tradition. Have to make a new one soon.  Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!