We Die Alone / Jan Baalsrud

In the footstep of Jan Baalsrud
The Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) in co-operation with Norwegian Armed Forces is just about to finish the filming of Jan Baalsrud´s amazing escape from the Nazi in Northern Norway during WW2. Ronny Bratli and Rune Gjeldnes is the two who do the route and meeting the people and challenges.baalsrud_revdalenRonny and Rune did the whole route in 2012 during 14 days, as identical as possible concerning route and equipment. But, they did not amputate their toes, nor taken by avalanche or staying at different spots for weeks.This project has become a co-operation between the Norwegian Broadcasting and Norwegian Armed Forces plus Rune and Ronny. It will end up in 4 x 30 minutes programs. The main goal is to put light on all the callenges Jan Baalsrud and his helpers had during the two months escape. No one can copy what Baalsrud and the good helpers did.It is made a short teaser of the series by Norwegian Broadcasting as you can watch below.